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Day Parting

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_conexus_wakeup_v2Consumers are inundated with advertising throughout the day. One way to effectively reach a consumer is by day parting your ads with relevant and timely messages.

By dividing up the day; you better target advertising towards a particular demographic or purchase pattern. This strategy has been proven to increase direct response to advertising. Day parting capabilities include…


cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_chop_lunch_v2Allows an advertiser to change creative based on the current day of the week.


An advertiser can change creative based on the current time of day.


Allows a customer to type a variety of messages into a text box-like location, providing a customer with the ability to change the text on a display at any time, day or night.

User-Generated Content

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_gord_v3Research indicates that consumers trust their peers when it comes to brands and companies. User Generated Content (UGC) allows consumers to interact and participate in a digital advertising campaign, therefore creating brand ambassadors for a given advertiser.

User Generated Content can come from a variety of sources, depending on the goals and actions of a company or brand. User-generated content includes…


If an advertiser creates a microsite for a particular campaign, CDN digital boards are able to pull the
consumer-submitted information directly from the site.


cdn_generalcapabilities_facebookpage_cdn_gordieCDN digitals can be programmed to pull content submitted through social media – including Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare.

*CDN can also design postcards to be pushed out to all social media networks.


Social Media

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_coolfm_headlines_v2 CDN can pull real-time social media feeds and place them on large format Out-of-Home billboards.

Social media capabilities include…


This capability allows an advertiser or client to display status updates, photos, likes or selected
consumer comments on digital billboards.


An advertiser or client can display tweets in real time on digital boards. The tweets can come from the advertiser or from interactive consumers.

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_harmony_facebook_v3INSTAGRAM FEEDS

This capability allows an advertiser or client to stream images from their Instagram account in real time.

Marrying Digital Out-of-Home to a social media campaign can increase the reach by up to 212%*.
DOOH leverages social media to create a personal connection, drive contest entry and generate earned media. *Source: Gallup, ComScore, Media Behavior Institute

Weather Triggered Advertising

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_conexus_hot_v3 From deciding weekend plans to considering dinner options, weather dictates consumer decisions. It makes sense to suggest your business’ products and services by integrating weather information into your next digital
advertising campaign.

CDN digital weather technology pulls weather information surrounding a given location and pushes timely ads to our network.


The current temperature is pulled for the board location and automatically
updates when it changes.

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_harmony_cold_v3WEATHER FORECAST

This capability allows your panel to display the current forecast for a given area. You can choose various forecast lengths (1 day, 3 days, etc.).


With this option, your panel can automatically display certain creative based upon pre-set weather conditions. For example, one “warm” creative piece would display when temperature rises above 25, while a “cold” option would show when temperature dips below -25.


Additional weather-centric capabilities, such as wind speed, advisories, and more are also available.

Live Scores

Live score capabilities include…

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_riderscore_v2SCORE DISPLAY

Allows an advertiser to show up-to-the minute score updates for a chosen event to drivers passing their board.


In addition to game scores, advertisers can display the current quarter, period, inning, etc. and also the time remaining in a game. Note: The use of team logos and team names is not permitted unless the client receives permission from the team(s) advertised.


Countdowns generate hype and excitement cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_countdown_1within a community. A countdown not only informs consumers of upcoming events, but it also reminds them to plan accordingly.

CDN’s countdown capabilities include…


Allows an advertiser to automatically count down to a specific date and / or time. The digital billboard is capable of counting down in days, hours, minutes, or a combination of these.

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_casino_progressivesMANUAL COUNT

An advertiser can manually enter numbers through CDN’s data feed manager, therefore creating either an increasing or decreasing count as needed.


cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_jysk It’s no secret that trending items typically continue to trend, as more and more consumers purchase hot items or special products. It makes sense to inform consumers on the road about an advertiser’s popular, trending items.

Digital boards are able to tie in to certain websites that monitor click rates for products and display the most frequently clicked set of items for a given company or organization.

Capabilities for trending items vary based on
website, but can include…

cdngeneral_powerpoint_hero_digitalcapabilities_sobeysPOPULAR PRODUCTS

Stream the most popular products on the website based on click frequency for each product.


Allows the streaming of images, prices and other information for products currently trending on a particular site.


CDN digitals can stream images and other information from a company’s circular or specials for that week.

Board Dominations

Much like a homepage online takeover – CDN offers board dominations
for up to 72 hours. Whether launching a new product, location or service
– our clients have found board dominations to be an effective medium to
communicate multiple message at one location.

Beacons & Geofencing

cdn_beaconexample_generalHOW DOES IT WORK?

Geofences and beacons can be used to target customers in physical locations, allowing you to trigger the right message, the right campaign, at the right time and place.

30% of the world population are already using location based marketing services, and 80% of them want to get location-based alerts from businesses like yours.


  • Beacons are great for proximities and knowing at a very granular level
    that someone is near a certain object or product.
  • Geofences are generally for larger areas where you want to know if
    someone is walking by your store, by a competitor’s, or coming into a
    particular location.


Increasing your sales and loyalty by bringing in your CRM data. When you
know customers are near, that haven’t been in your store, haven’t been in
your location, or haven’t transacted in a while, this might be a great time to
do a win-back campaign and say, “Hey, we’ve missed you, we want to
show you the love, come on in for a free coffee.” Remind them what their
loyalty balance might be. Or tell about new lines that have come in to the
store, new products that might interest them, based on that past purchase
data that you’ve brought in.